Corchia Park, Levigliani - A peak of emotions
A peak of emotions

Corchia Park

Corchia Park is where you can live the mountain experience in every single aspect.

Come and discover all the excitements of Monte Corchia and the apuan Alps.

Expert guides will walk you through the Antro del Corchia touristic cave and the Quicksilve mines. You will stroll along the equipped trekking routes of the apuan Alps, immerse in the woods and explore the peaks. From there you will enjoy breathtaking sceneries, some of which are proper terraces overlooking the sea. You will taste traditional dishes of the local cuisine and much more.


di Stazzema (LU)
Tel. 0584 778405

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Area Riservata

Coop. Sviluppo e Futuro Levigliani
Soc. Coop. A.r.l.
Via Della Chiesa, 8
Cod. Fisc., Partita IVA e Num. Iscrizione al Registro Imprese n. 01843130467
Numero Iscrizione al REA: LU/175448