Corchia Park, Levigliani - A peak of emotions
A peak of emotions

The overall mines path is about 600 meter-long and is divided into 2 separate environments.

The visit starts with the oldest gallery, which was carved out by chisel in ancient times.

The second part of the visit takes place in the upper tunnel, equipped with a “modern” narrow gauge railway for the transit of the carts carrying the rocks.

The Quicksilver mines represent a truly unique historic and naturalistic attraction.

They are actually ancient cinnabar mines. From this material, quicksilver (the only existing liquid metal) was extracted.

The first official paperwork documenting the existence of Levigliani’s cinnabar mines is a legislative act of the Pisa Municipality dating back to 1153.

Cinnabar is a reddish mineral composed by brimstone and mercury. It is exactly this element, quicksilver, which propelled the mine excavation in the past.

The visit to the mine includes the tunnel path and an overview of the old machineries used to extract mercury from cinnabar by shredding and boiling the rock.

The presence of native mercury throughout the deposit is especially remarkable. It can be easily observed in metallic drops along the quartz veins.

Other rare, if not exclusive, minerals can be found in the mine. A few examples are the “Leviglianite” and especially the “Calomelano”, for which this mine is now famous. Recently, a new mineralogic species was discovered: the “Grumiplucite”.  


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