Corchia Park, Levigliani - A peak of emotions
A peak of emotions

The Antro del Corchia karst system is one of the largest hypogenic environments in Europe and in the whole world.

It is a vast complex of tunnels, wells and natural rooms excavated by water during millions of years in the marble heart of the Corchia Mountain.

As of today, about 70 kilometers of caves and 20 different entrances on all sides of the mountain have been explored and mapped. The continuous work of the speleology experts constantly unearths new ambiences and new wonders hidden within the marble.  


The Antro del Corchia touristic visit consists of about 2.000 meters of path across a wide steel catwalk in full safety and relax for the visitor.
The guided visit is organized in groups and takes about 2 hours.
The entrance is through a 170 meter-long artificial tunnel specifically designed to offer access to the cave without damaging the natural openings.
At the end of the tunnel we reach “Galleria Franosa”, a magnificent canyon dozens of meters high, below which lies the steel catwalk. Beyond “Galleria Franosa” there is the “Galleria degli Inglesi”, named in honor of the british explorers who discovered it in the 1960’s. Here you will observe the first gigantic concretions and an underground fossil lake.
The visit ends with “the ring”, a circular path that offers a view on the most amazing hypogenic environment you can imagine: huge rooms adorned with stalactites and stalagmites and marvelous concretions: a series of works of art modeled by water and rock over the course of thousands of years.  

Antro del Corchia is a hypogenic environment so vast that even today, centuries after its discovery, it is still being explored and is still regarded as an exciting frontier for spelunkers and abyss enthusiasts.
The first entrance was discovered in 1847 by naturalist Emilio Simi. Today the known entrances are 20.
Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Antro has been explored by speleologists from all over Europe, especially by the British who discovered the first part of the path, where the touristic gallery is now placed.
In the 1980’s, different scouting groups, starting from different entrances, met up within the recesses of the mountain and found out that they were actually exploring a single, gigantic, karst complex.
The touristic path was opened in 2001, after 2 years of works. It currently contains the 52-ton catwalk, which was specifically designed to be completely removable, in order to be able to restore the original environment in the future.


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