Corchia Park, Levigliani - A peak of emotions
A peak of emotions

Marble Quarry visit

The ticket is 30 € per person and includes:

  • Visit to the quarry (about 2 hours, with departure and return to Levigliani)
  • Quarryman’s “aperitivo” (tasting of marble-refined lard and cave-refined wine from the Antro del Corchia hypogenic cellar)

The visit starts at 11:00 from the Corchia Park Ticket Stand in Levigliani.

For info, reservations and availability: ++39 0584 778405


The marble quarries have been pivotal in the social and economical fabric of the Apuan Alps for at least 2.000 years.
Corchia Park gives you the chance to visit some of these stone cathedrals, chiseled in the white marble heart of the mountain.
At about 1.300 meters AMSL, “Cava del Piastraio” is reached with four-wheel drive vehicles along a breathtaking panoramic route.

Once at the cave, the visitor will wear the protective headgear and enter the immense marble halls.

Visiting the quarry means witnessing a spectacular environment and seeing something completely different from any other experience.

The quarry is not made on a human scale. It has the proportions of the giants: the ceilings are dozens of meters high, with huge ambiences, enormous blocks and excavation vehicles so big that you need a stepladder to get in.

Quarry marble photogallery



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